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Inclusive education is a large part of the values embedded into our school culture and our ability to cater for and support students with specialised learning needs is a strength of our school community.  Our Support Services Committee allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to individual case management. Our team of support staff meet each week to discuss and plan for the needs of students requiring individualised support.
We are committed to the provision of equitable educational opportunities so that all students have access to, participate in and gain positive outcomes from schooling.
Find out more at Education Queensland.
In striving to provide equitable educational opportunities for all, it is acknowledged that for some students to receive appropriate support (low-incidence disabilities, learning difficulties, and/or behaviour and communication challenges) it will be necessary to draw on the expertise of a range of support personnel. More information about these services may be found on the Student Support Services page accessed in the top left tabs.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an important aspect of the atmosphere of pastoral care that prevails within the school community. Pastoral Care cannot be restricted to a particular program or curriculum and involves all members of the school community. Ultimately Pastoral Care is an expression of the philosophy and vision of the school.
As this definition highlights, Pastoral Care is a central part of what a school does. The role of the Chaplain is to deliver pastoral care in some specific ways.

What does the Chaplain ( Chappy) do?

The Chaplain contributes to the school community by:

Listening to children

Being available to children who wish to talk about a worry or about anything they might have on their mind. 

Listening to adults

Being available to teachers and parents who have something they would like to discuss. Visits with parents can take place at school or at home.
The matters we might discuss may range from practical or financial problems around supporting your children in school through to philosophical or spiritual concerns.

Helping with projects

Getting involved in school or classroom projects and events. For example, helping with school camp.

Helping day-to-day

Assisting in day-to-day routines at school.

Crisis help

Helping in times of crisis.

How can I contact Chappy?

The easiest way is to contact directly by contacting the school and making an appointment. A permission form top access the services is available in our forms and documents section.